Author's hunting knife "Uulyn burged" – "Cloud Eagle"

The knife "Uulyn burged" (from Buryat language "Cloud Eagle") is the first knife from a new series of author's hunting knives by Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov.

The Lord of the air, the personification of perseverance and fearlessness is embodied in the design of the new author's knife by Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov. The unique shape of the blade is like a wave of a strong and sharp wing of a majestic bird, cutting the air in rapid flight.

The decor of the handle with a colored stone adds a drop of steppe picturesqueness to the strict laconic composition, over which a brave noble eagle hovers and hovers.

The handle is decorated with an oblak-shaped national ornamental motif, which symbolizes spiritual development and perfection.


Type: fixed blade


Materials: bronze with electroplated silver plating, hornbeam, multilayer steel, garnets, genuine leather.


Manufacturing technique:

Lost wax casting, silvering, gilding, setting, engraving, bone processing, turning, grinding, polishing, shotting.


In addition to the product, the kit includes:

- A case made of wood with velvet filling and a lock or branded box made of thick cardboard in black corporate color also with velvet filling inside

- Branded package with the logo of the creative workshop of Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov

- All necessary certificates are provided for the transportation of products in Russia and abroad

- Possible engraving, drawing your logo


Gift presentation:

- Each piece has a story and a mood. This makes it easy to link to these images when giving a gift.


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