Knife "Buddhist № 2"

The author's knife "Buddhist" by Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov.

The main motive of the new author's knife is Eight symbols of Buddhist jewels, which are located on the sheath, handle and suspension of the knife. Despite the abundance of images and rich decor, there is no overload here: a rhythmically constructed composition in which decorative elements alternate with a Buddhist pattern and with a smooth laconic surface and metal highlights allows the eye to gently glide over the subject, carefully examining every detail.

It is believed that the placement of the symbols of the Eight Buddhist jewels, which are also called the Eight Symbols of Good Luck, creates a favorable ambient energy, and therefore will contribute to the success of the owner of the knife.


Type: fixed blade


Materials: multilayer steel, walrus tusk, white metal, electroplated gilding, garnets, genuine leather.

Manufacturing technique:

Lost wax casting, silvering, gilding, setting, engraving, bone processing, turning, grinding, polishing, shotting.


In addition to the product, the kit includes:

- A case made of wood with velvet filling and a lock or branded box made of thick cardboard in black corporate color also with velvet filling inside

- Branded package with the logo of the creative workshop of Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov

- All necessary certificates are provided for the transportation of products in Russia and abroad

- Possible engraving, drawing your logo


Gift presentation:

- Each piece has a story and a mood. This makes it easy to link to these images when giving a gift.


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