The knife "Bear" of the "Balance" collection

The knife "Bear" of the "Balance" collection is created in the characteristic author's geometric, laconic plastic.
The pommel of the knife is made in the shape of a bear's head, imperturbable, with a fixed gaze into the distance. The image is drawn with one silhouette line and air, which creates compositional harmony in contrast with the dense and dark material of the handle. The blade is made in the image of the legendary Samsonov bear knife, which was intended in the 19th century for the most dangerous types of hunting for wild animals, including bears.

Since ancient times, this large animal, the giant - the owner of the forest - personified dignity and remarkable strength, was a symbol of good nature, wisdom and power.

Tsuba stand included


- This knife isn't a cold weapon

- We provide to our customers all the necessary certificates needed for the transportation of the item in Russia and abroad




Type: fixed blade



Blade — D2 steel / Damascus steel.

Handle — rosewood / buffalo horn

Decor elements silver, gilding, bronze.

Stand — italian marble, bronze with galvanic silvering.

Case — wood.


Manufacturing technique:

Lost wax casting, silvering, gilding, setting, engraving, bone processing, turning, grinding, polishing, shotting.


In addition to the product, the kit includes:

- A case made of wood with velvet filling and a lock or branded box made of thick cardboard in black corporate color also with velvet filling inside

- Branded package with the logo of the creative workshop of Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov

- All necessary certificates are provided for the transportation of products in Russia and abroad

- Possible engraving, drawing your logo


Gift presentation:

- Each piece has a story and a mood. This makes it easy to link to these images when giving a gift.


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