The marble quarry in Buguldeyka was transformed into an open-air gallery

The marble quarry in Buguldeyka has become a center of attraction for creative people and, accordingly, spectators. There is an art festival, during which the space has become an open-air gallery. A well-known sculptor presented his works there. Anastasia Tsygankova knows the program of events.

"The marble quarry in the village of Buguldeyka has been mothballed for many years. Although back in the late sixties this material was widely used for finishing work throughout the country. Then this place became popular among tourists. People came here to take beautiful photographs. But now a second life has been breathed into the quarry There have never been so many tourists here at one time,” says correspondent Anastasia Tsygankova.

Blocks of marble became places for spectators, and the quarry itself was transformed into an open-air gallery. The author of the art project "Transformation" is the famous Russian sculptor and gunsmith Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov. Six works are presented under the open sky, among them "Snowstorm", "Horse of the Wind", "Bull". All of them are made of bronze. To see them, many came specially. And for some it came as a surprise.
“We brought friends from Moscow to show and got to the event right away. We were always alone here,” says Artem Strelnikov, a guest of the Transformation art festival.

“So far we are in shock, firstly, we did not expect that there would be so many people. And in general, that something lives here. Let's see. We have just arrived,” says Natalia Strelnikova, a guest of the Transformation art festival.

They don't live, they revive. This "Horse of the Wind" is made of flesh and blood. He defiles on a marble podium. The blue path represents Baikal. The costumes were designed by the author himself.

The artists of the Buryat Opera and Ballet Theater tried on the images of the sculptures. Plastic movements resonate with musical accompaniment, like bronze with marble, the author of the project notes. The musical headliner of the project is rap artist Timur Bubeev. He specially came from Moscow.

“We invited such wonderful models to show the charisma of the most tragic image of the minotaur, and I think that the minotaur is one of the main images,” says sculptor, Honored Artist of the Republic of Buryatia Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov.

In the role of the minotaur Delfin. Originally from the Congo, in Irkutsk studies at one of the universities. Zhigzhit saw him in a cafe and he immediately formed an image. Delfin agreed to become a participant in the project and attracted a lot of attention from the guests.

The quarry is located within the boundaries of the Pribaikalsky National Park. The production of marble on an industrial scale has long been prohibited here. But they made an exception for sculptors. This attracted Zhigzhit. After all, the main goal of the festival is the creation of a snow-white sculpture "Bukha Noyon" - the progenitor of the Baikal Buryats. The artist will work on it for a month. The master has experience in taming marble. For the third year as a student at the Italian Academy of Fine Arts, he has been working with Carrara marble. He is considered the best in the world. It turned out that ours, Siberian, is not inferior to him in its properties.

“I think we will come to an agreement with our Baikal marble. It seems to me that it is very hard and at the same time so resonant, it is a pleasure to work with it. The process of working with marble is so addictive,” says sculptor, Honored Artist of the Republic of Buryatia Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov.

"Transformation" is the first step towards creating an art residence in the village of Buguldeyka. The organizers plan to make a workshop and a platform for communication between sculptors from different regions of Russia and other countries on the shores of Lake Baikal. Here they will be able to learn from each other, share experiences, organize exhibitions.

"This is a new step in the development of fine arts. In Russia, even, not only in the Irkutsk region. This is the birth of a new direction in the Baikal region, in creativity," says Viktor Bronstein, founder of the Irkutsk Gallery of Modern Art.

"We are very pleased that the Olkhonsky district has become the place where he wants to embody his creative ideas. We really want this Buguldey marble to take on a new breath in the hands of our master Zhigzhit. We really hope that the name of this project "Transformation" will become the brand of our district ", - says the mayor of the Olkhonsky district Andrey Tykheev.

The mayor of the Olkhonsky district also noted that the art site will be able to attract even more tourists to the village of Buguldeyka. Business representatives will follow. The first day of the festival ended with a concert in the traditional Buryat style. Closing is planned in September, when the future bull "shakes off" the extra marble.